Improving strategy implementation

Improving strategy implementation

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2 min readMar 17, 2022


The challenge

Do your leaders know how to make the goal and the implementation process leading to it clear to the entire organization?

Achieving strategic goals is the biggest business challenge today. Motivating the leaders and workgroups of a company is a never-ending battle for vital goals. It is also a key issue to maintain a commitment to the goals of everyone. Imagine an organization where leaders and workgroups work together and do their day-to-day work along with organizational priorities.

Why are goals failing?

FranklinCovey has studied this topic in thousands of departments in many hundreds of companies. Seven years of research have shown that the achievement of goals is fragmented between the enormous efforts made to ensure smooth day-to-day operations (what we call a whirlwind) and the goals that drive operations forward. Both efforts are indisputably necessary, but due to their differences, they are incompatible. They compete with each other to demand our time, energy, and attention. Think of goals or strategies you have already seen become nothing. How did this happen? Did they make a loud noise, or have they torn apart in a whirlwind “?

So the real challenge is not just to achieve the goal, but to achieve the goal in the whirlwind! The jam is due to four main reasons:

The solution

How to develop a culture of achieving goals? Move the midfield!

Whatever the organization, one of the most significant barriers to excellence is chronic inconsistency — the difference in performance between employees in different business lines, divisions, shifts, and shifts. There are islands of excellence in every organization — the “top 20%” of excellence. The challenge is to move the middle 60% of the average workforce to the level of performance of the top 20%. The extent of this improvement is not only incidental but also a breakthrough!

Achieving high-quality strategic goals requires incredible discipline from any organization. However, repeating this regularly is even more than that.

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