How to make real money online without investments?

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7 min readMar 8, 2022


To date, the Internet does not earn except that the lazy. It is important only to find your niche, where you will feel comfortable and be able to show your abilities. You have a writing talent, you sing beautifully, you like to blog, write music or take amazing, deep photos — you can make money on it. Selling services or goods is a real chance to make money without financial investments.

Do you know what are the legal ways to make real money online in 2022? In this article, we will present some effective ways to earn a decent income without leaving home, without waking up on the alarm clock, working at a time convenient for you.

The Internet is like a web all over the world, and many smart people have been making money on it for a long time. However, the question of making money online is not only a loss of relevance but also one of the most popular. Regular customers of the Internet, housewives, young mothers, students, including high-income professionals, are interested in earning a real income from scratch, which offers many online resources. And it is quite clear that to waste time in vain, you can turn free minutes into real money, doing what is close to your heart. And a couple of extra dollars to pay for utilities and other small expenses will not hurt anyone.

It is worth noting that to become an online entrepreneur and make money online, one desire is not enough. You need accurate information on how to do it, it is important to choose the right niche, which will be one hundred percent profitable. And since most of us do not have such knowledge about legal opportunities to earn money on the Internet, we easily fall into the trap of fraudsters.

However, this is no reason to give up. There is money on the Internet, and we will tell you a few ways to get it, giving in return their knowledge, skills, abilities. So what can you do to make money online without investing?

Blogging is a great way to make money online.

Blogging is a popular trend among people of all ages that is gaining momentum. But this activity is attractive not only because it allows showing their personal qualities, gain credibility and fans, but is a real chance to make money without leaving home.

Blogging is keeping an online diary available to other Internet users. When you get to the pages of bloggers, you come across a sea of ​​advertising. It can annoy us, and the blogger is paid.

Creating your blog today will not be difficult. Many popular platforms offer free services in this area. But creating a website where people will visit is only half the battle. It is important to fill it with useful, interesting information that will keep existing visitors and attract new ones.

The easiest way is to blog on a topic that interests you. Eventually, the number of visitors per day will reach 100 or more people, so it’s time to try to place online ads. Where to get them? You can get advertising that will generate revenue on Google AdSense and WordPress. com.

To create a quality blog with a good level of income still have to spend a little to buy a domain name, hosting, and creative template on WordPress.

Who cares, Google has 95% of its revenue from advertising and allows earning it to other, the same bloggers.

To become a successful blogger, you need knowledge of the language, the ability to present interesting information and your thoughts, basic knowledge in the field of coding, SEO optimization. But the main thing is to understand the chosen topic well.

The earnings of a blogger depend on different points, so we do not have to talk about specific figures. With traffic of about 1 thousand visitors a day, you can earn up to $ 30 a day. Competitive topics and storytelling in English increase income. As the number of visitors increases, so does the blogger’s income. Much depends on the web traffic and the chosen page monetization model.

It is believed that the affiliate marketing strategy (placing affiliate links on the site) brings in more revenue than working with Google AdSense. Here you can argue, although there are no universal recommendations, as no two blogs are the same. The cost per click on advertising in Ukraine ranges from $ 0.02–0.1 (the more clicks from different people, the higher your income), but as customers with expensive advertising, earnings will grow blogger.

In England, America, and Canada, the entrepreneurial approach of many bloggers is estimated at 6 zeros. Starting with a regular blog, they turn pages into content and media companies, as the Huffington Post and Mashable did. Well-known Indian blogger Amit Agarwal earns hundreds of thousands of rupees a month by devoting 8 or more hours a day to his favorite pastime.

A blogger’s earnings directly depend on the time spent on the online diary, but it’s worth it.

Opportunities to earn money online with Google AdSense

Such a huge inexhaustible resource as Google AdSense allows you to earn $ 100–500 a day, provided the site is promoted. Some American bloggers have several thousand greens from such collaborations. The profit directly depends on the cost of a click. In Europe and America, it is high, which explains such a high level of income. But it’s all in your hands: create a blog on your favorite topic, increase your professionalism, find your fans and make money.

2. Design themes for websites and online stores

The appearance of a site or blog is not just a shell, but an opportunity to influence the minds of visitors, so without a quality theme (template) can not do here. If you are a creative person, have a sense of style and the so-called “sixth” feelings, familiar with the method of creating quality themes, you can safely try yourself in design. Ready-made themes can be sold on specialized sites (WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and others) or create your site for this purpose, without investing much money.

However, such earnings require relevant knowledge and skills: understanding the basics of web design, good taste, knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, the ability to work in Photoshop, and of course, taking into account the requirements of the target platform.

What are the earnings on the design of themes?

Depending on the quality of the created topic, its cost can range from $ 10 to-100. By selling 10 copies, you get $ 100–1000, and so on. Development of an individual topic for the order — a separate conversation, here the price is negotiable, which is usually even above.

3. Make money online with online lessons and courses

It is not necessary to have a teacher’s diploma to become a teacher on the Internet. If you have a lot of knowledge on a particular topic (and you can learn anything), you can pass on lessons to others online and earn real money. No skills and experience working with the audience? Everything will come in time.

How to start such work? For example, with the help of special services SkillsShare and Udemy. Register, create courses on topics of interest to you: culinary, technical, language, design (and not a few different topics!) And sell them to anyone. People sign up for your course, get the information they need, and you get paid.

What it takes to become an online teacher: required knowledge of the topic perfectly (otherwise sales will be small), the ability to work in popular graphic editors, and create videos that increase interest in the course.

Do you have an interesting story, do you have a lot of creative ideas in your head, do you know a lot of opportunities to realize yourself or make money? Share this information on the pages of the e-book. Every product has its buyer, so no matter what topic you choose, someone will find it interesting and useful to spend their blood on it. And the more unique information in the book that people are interested in, the higher the revenue from its sale.

Without paper and pens, start writing a book in MS Word right now, not worrying about where to find a publisher. Amazon’s Kindle services, Google Play Store, iBooks allow you to print and sell your books both electronically and in print.

The printed version of the book is easy to order on the Lulu service, which also helps to sell your ideas. Printed copies of books are also sold by online resources such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and some others.

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